Basket of Light

Springtime and summer are traditionally the time of weddings and I am sure that many of you will be invited to a wedding shower or two this season. Over the years I have given the traditional shower gifts listed on the registry but more recently I have tried to be more creative in giving gifts that have a special meaning and are more reflective of who I am as the gift giver.

I am a great believer in burning candles as a way of focusing energy and attracting what we want through that law of attraction. I have used candles in my home it seems forever as a way of setting a mood, permeating a specific fragrance and for attracting love and prosperity to me and my family.

Several years ago when my niece was getting married, I decided to forgo the wedding registry and create what has become my signature gift “the basket of light”. I usually use a white wicker basket and I fill it with colored candles of all shapes and sizes. I include the following poem and top it off with a beautiful bow and a gift certificate to a favorite store or restaurant. I hope you will continue to share this with others and let it become your signature gift for your brides-to-be.

Basket of Light

Light the white candle on your wedding night,
Burn it slowly, burn it bright.
The yellow one’s for your new happy home,
Built by you both room by room.
Light the green candle when you have your first fight,
To help mend your hearts and put all things right.
The blue candle is good for communication they say,
So say what you mean and mean what you say.
Burn the red candle often
For passion and steam,
Light the orange when you want to conceive.
And when you discover you’re pregnant one day,
Light the violet candle
In thanks and say:



Linda West

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