Gifts From Above

My sister is expecting her first grandchild, due this May. Last month we were away together and of course we talked about the baby and the excitement of being a grandmother. This occasion is bittersweet for both of us because our mother passed away 2 years ago. She would have loved to see my niece become a mom and to welcome a new member into the family. We talked about mom a lot on that trip.

While we were away, we also did some shopping especially for the new baby. We were in a little Irish Imports shop in Vero Beach browsing and as I picked up an item in a box I heard my mothers’ voice say “Buy this for my new great grandson.” In the box was a Baby bonnet that was made from a ladies’ handkerchief. It was beautiful and had shamrocks embroidered all over it. There was also a poem with a blessing. I knew I had to buy it.

The baby shower was this past weekend and my niece received many special gifts for the new arrival. My sister took a crochet class and learned how to make a baby blanket. My brother-in-law made a wooden cradle for his new grandson. And there was a gift that I wrapped in blue paper with a card that read….”I whispered in your Aunt Linda’s ear, Buy this for my new great grandson, Love and blessings.” I signed it from my mother.
My niece was overwhelmed with emotion as she read the message from her grandmother. My mother was a Presence in life, and certainly a presence at the celebration.

If you have lost a loved one, special occasions and celebrations can be difficult. We have memories of that person and how they would have enjoyed being at our special occasion, celebrating along with us. I believe that they are there with us sharing these moments in spirit and sometimes they will let their presence be known. Look for the signs….and when you see them or hear them, acknowledge them. Your loved one is ever present in your life and accepting their loving gestures keeps them close in your heart and a vibrant part of the family they love.

I know my mother is smiling in anticipation of her new great grandchild. I know that she will be there as he is born, she will be at the baptism as he wears his shamrock bonnet, and she will be there as he grows. She is his great grandmother, and love never dies.

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