Law of Attraction

“Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.” We have all heard this statement from time to time and I think there is a lot of truth in it. The law of attraction states that what we envision and believe to be true becomes our reality. Most of us create our reality by default, focusing on what we don’t want rather than what we do want. People who believe that when they go out they never meet anyone interesting, won’t because they are expecting not to. That expectation will draw the corresponding experience into their reality. In contrast, those who believe that the world is a smorgasbord of interesting people will probably have many experiences to support that idea because they are open to them.

This principle of conscious focusing can be used in all areas of life. We can change our relationships by the way we think about them. When we start to think differently about our significant other, we look at them differently, we treat them differently, and we expect something different from them. They intuitively respond differently to us. If we think our job is boring, it will become more boring to us. When we focus on what we like about our job, then our experience of our job changes. If we believe that we will never have enough money to buy a house, then we won’t because buying a house will not be our goal, and we will not take the actions necessary to accomplish that goal.

The law of Attraction is not wishful thinking. It is an action plan to create goals and have those goals manifested. This action plan is applicable to all areas of life, no matter where you are in your life. What you focus on with intention and emotion will become your reality. You can focus consciously using very specific techniques, or by default, focusing on negative outcomes. Either way, your thoughts have the power to create your experience.

By using tools such as creative visualizations, belief shifting, and thought/belief/emotion strengthening each one of us can change the experience we have of life into a new more rewarding experience. Even if life is abundant already, is there something missing that you wanted, or have you wanted to shift your experience into a whole new direction? Continued practice of these techniques provides the stronger foundation for your creating power.

Before we can build this strong foundation, we must know what materials we are using for its construction. This metaphor about constructing foundations is a metaphor for our relationship with self. We must have a clear understanding and acceptance of ourselves for who we truly are before we begin building the structures on this foundation. Building the structure on a brittle foundation increases the probability that the building will come crashing down because of all the stresses and forces that are introduced over time. These brittle foundations won’t get too far along in the building process; however, strengthening and reinforcing these foundations can provide the support for the larger structure over time. This is where the relationship with our self becomes so important in the creative process of the Law of Attraction. There are three important questions to be asked and answered and in this specific order.

1) Who are you?
2) What is your purpose?
3) What do you want?

This translates into 1) Foundation, 2) Supporting Action, and, 3) Your Experience.

Knowing the answers to these questions streamlines the process of creating and manifesting in your life. The law of attraction works most effectively when the answers to these questions are in alignment. Are your answers in alignment? If not, what’s stopping you? Is it fear or a faulty belief system or messages from your childhood? Exploring those possibilities and changing the messages will give you the freedom to consciously choose and create your best life.

Linda West

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