“I was fortunate enough to see you both this evening at Robinson’s Tea Room. I can’t even begin to tell you how great you guys are. I am sure I will be seeing you again. Thanks so much for a thoroughly enjoyable evening.”


“Thank you for such a wonderful night…You ladies compliment each other so well..You fill up a room with so much love. Your gift changes lives..You have the ability to give people back their lives….Thank you for sharing yourselves with everyone…A huge thank you to those that have passed who communicate though both of you as well!!”

Alicia P.

“Thank you so very much to the both of you for last night! You were very informative and extremely uplifting! I felt a calm with you that I’ve never felt with anyone else! God Bless you both for your amazing gifts and may you touch many a heart as you did mine!”

Lisa H.

“You ladies are fantastic! I love your humor and sensitivity. Thank you!”

Elizabeth R.

“I always love going to The Psychic Sisters! Linda and Jolene are amazing and I always love hearing from my family! Even if they don’t come through (which isn’t often), the experience is amazing, healing and loving! Thank you Linda and Jolene!”

Beth Anne

“I am so happy to have met the Psychic Sisters last night. I am so thankful for their reading and helping to bring my sister through. I needed to hear from my sister and they made it happen, I thank you Linda and Jolene. I cried so much that I hope I can remember everything that you both said. Thank you again.”

Renetta L.

“Thank you so much for being at our event last night. You two are truly amazing and talented. Gave so much “peace” to people in the room. It is true that people get the information they need at the time, and some really needed to hear what you had to say. Thank you.”

Carolyn B.

“Your psychic talents and instincts are amazing. I’ve seen you be ‘right on’ numerous times…and have seen skeptics become believers. Thanks for the ‘gifts’ you give.”


“Had the wonderful opportunity to join you both on Friday evening and it truly was a fantastic evening “visiting” with my Mom…..and my family and I cannot wait to go to another of your events.”

Doreen L.

“Thank you both for spending all that time with us at Darlene’s house. What a wonderful experience !!! It was truly amazing, I am still thinking of all you told me. Wow….spot on. Thank you again!!!!!”

Deirdre M.

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