“I was fortunate enough to see you both this evening at Robinson’s Tea Room. I can’t even begin to tell you how great you guys are. I am sure I will be seeing you again. Thanks so much for a thoroughly enjoyable evening.”


“Thank you so much for being at our event last night. You two are truly amazing and talented. Gave so much “peace” to people in the room. It is true that people get the information they need at the time, and some really needed to hear what you had to say. Thank you.”

Carolyn B.

“Thank you Linda and Jolene for another beautiful reading and for the message that our love one are still here and see us. It’s reassuring and healing to hear that those we hold so dear are ok and still loving us. Thank you is not enough to sum up the feeling you both leave us as we walk away and continue are lives.”

Marla C.

“Our first reading ever with Linda and Jolene…..you were amazing…..so accurate and reassuring. Thank you for a beautiful experience!!”

Nancy F.

“I had the pleasure to meet you both. Thank you for the information and the HOPE you gave me….the “S” name- a grandmother…I could not put it together- BUT this morning it hit me- it was my grandmother Sherry who passed over and was not in my life as she was my grandfather’s first wife. But I remember meeting her and I have photos-she was the sweetest lady! The S name was Sherry… THANK YOU!”

Orenzow L.

“Thank you so much for a lovely evening last night at Carol’s house. The messages you delivered were incredibly wonderful, healing, and validating. You two sisters are amazing.

JarieLyn R.

“Thank you both for a wonderful evening filled with love, laughs and tears…good tears! Your amazing ability to bring people together astounds me. You both are blessed. Love to you both and thank you!”

Deborah M. and Friends

“My daughters and I went home and messaged my sisters about what we heard. I learned that my father’s passing was actually cardiac infarction, which is the explosion in the chest you mentioned. There were other connections made as well. Thank you for a nice night on what would have been my mom’s 83rd birthday.”

Mary B.

“Your psychic talents and instincts are amazing. I’ve seen you be ‘right on’ numerous times…and have seen skeptics become believers. Thanks for the ‘gifts’ you give.”


“I always love going to The Psychic Sisters! Linda and Jolene are amazing and I always love hearing from my family! Even if they don’t come through (which isn’t often), the experience is amazing, healing and loving! Thank you Linda and Jolene!”

Beth Anne

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