“Thank you so very much to the both of you for last night! You were very informative and extremely uplifting! I felt a calm with you that I’ve never felt with anyone else! God Bless you both for your amazing gifts and may you touch many a heart as you did mine!”

Lisa H.

“I attended a gathering at “Nook & Cranny” last evening with a few of my dear friends and WOW what an evening! Jolene and Linda are the most compassionate, gifted people… Giving messages of hope to grieving parents of lost children… Healing messages to survivors of abuse ..and wonderful random humor to lighten the sadness …Thank you for your amazing gifts!”

Theresa O.

“I can’t thank you enough for bringing Hans to me again. This morning I woke refreshed and energetic for the first time since he passed almost three years ago and my foot (plantar faciitis) didn’t hurt for the first time in months. You brought in my son, Mac, and told me things about him that no one else would know. What a gift you gave to me. I will never forget it.

Patricia M.

“Thank you so very much for a phenomenal afternoon today! I was moved and comforted beyond words! Hope to see you again very soon!”

Kathy S.

“Had the wonderful opportunity to join you both on Friday evening and it truly was a fantastic evening “visiting” with my Mom…..and my family and I cannot wait to go to another of your events.”

Doreen L.

“Thank you so much for being at our event last night. You two are truly amazing and talented. Gave so much “peace” to people in the room. It is true that people get the information they need at the time, and some really needed to hear what you had to say. Thank you.”

Carolyn B.

“My daughters and I went home and messaged my sisters about what we heard. I learned that my father’s passing was actually cardiac infarction, which is the explosion in the chest you mentioned. There were other connections made as well. Thank you for a nice night on what would have been my mom’s 83rd birthday.”

Mary B.

“My mom & I had such a nice time tonight at Amici’s meeting you both. You girls are adorable together. We enjoyed receiving & watching others receive messages through you tonight. Looking forward to seeing you again. Love & Blessings”

Mary J.

“Saw you last night at Amici’s. Linda and Jolene both are amazing. Great comfort to know loved ones are with us still. The Love is still there. Thank You. My daughter was loud and clear.”

Michele D.

“I had the pleasure to meet you both. Thank you for the information and the HOPE you gave me….the “S” name- a grandmother…I could not put it together- BUT this morning it hit me- it was my grandmother Sherry who passed over and was not in my life as she was my grandfather’s first wife. But I remember meeting her and I have photos-she was the sweetest lady! The S name was Sherry… THANK YOU!”

Orenzow L.

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