Things That Make Me


BLINK – a sunny day, wind on my face, water from the shower

CRY – falling down, hurt feelings, a sad movie

HUM – feeling happy, a new song, working in the garden

JUMP – a pool, a surprise, a cricket on a path

LAUGH – a funny story, being tickled, a clown

FROWN – being told no, missing the ice cream truck, feeling sad

MOVE – a soccer game, jump rope, a splash of water

SHOUT – a noisy room, a friend down the street, a baseball game

POUT – not getting my way, feeling left out

SMILE – a puppy, a friend. a happy day

WHINE – disappointment, feeling tired, not wanting to do something

WHISPER – telling a secret, a sleeping baby, saying I love you

WIGGLE – itchy clothes, waiting impatiently

WINK – a joke, a new friend, a secret

YELL – a shot from the doctor, stopping the ice cream truck


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