Metaphysical Terminology

Angels – spirit helpers, divine energy

Astral plane – thought plane closest to the earth plane

Akashic records – all experience, all knowledge

Aura – the energy field emanating from all living things

Affirmation – a statement used to manifest what you are willing to experience

Automatic handwriting– a form of channeling, receiving impressions

Channel – communication from the non-physical plane

Chakra – energy centers in the auric field

Clairaudience – clear hearing

Clairsentience – clear feeling

Clairvoyance – clear seeing

Divination – obtaining knowledge through tarot, astrology, I ching etc.

Esoteric – known by a specific group

Etheric – energy which bridges the physical and astral bodies

ESP – out of ordinary perception

Free will – choice

Guardian angel – a guide to protect us from birth through death

Healer – those who heal by the power of the spirit

Higher self – the next level of consciousness yet to be expressed

Holistic – pertaining to the whole, oneness

I Ching – a form of divination using yin/yang

Incarnate – a soul inhabiting a body

Karma – cause and effect

Kirlian photography – a specific way of photographing the aura

Light – awareness

Meditation – clearing of the mind

Mantra – prayer

Metaphysics – outside the scientific

Namaste – I honor the spirit that dwells within your being

New Age – age of Aquarius

Oracle – wise counsel

Occult – that which is hidden

Prophecy – knowledge of the future

Psychometry – reading the energy of an object

Prana – breath, life force

Psycho kinesis – movement of inanimate objects using psychic energy

Reincarnation – being born many times, experiencing many lives

Runes – a form of divination using stones

Synchronicity – meaningful coincidence

Scrying – divination using a reflective object like a mirror or crystal ball

Shaman – medicine man

Soul – expression of spirit

Spirit – connection with the source

Telepathy – communication mind to mind

Universe – all that exists

Vortex – energy centers that rotate

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